Members' Diaries and Articles
Over the years of Sceaftesige's existence, a few members have written diaries to recount their experiences with Regia Anglorum.  They have been sucked out of the previous websites and word documents, and adapted for pleasurable reading at your convenience. 


Wulfwaru, scribe and storyteller, has recited a West Saxon rendition of the only surviving work of Cædmon — the earliest known English poet:
Below is the text of the poem, choose whether you would like to see it in the original Ænglisc, the modern English or in runes, which were still used in Cædmon's time, but as usage varied significantly there is no knowing which runes Cædmon may have used.
Nu ƿe sculon heriᵹean heofonrices ƿeard,
meotodes meahte ond his modᵹeþanc,
ƿeorc ƿuldorfæder, sƿa he ƿundra ᵹehƿæs,
ece drihten, or onstealde.

He ærest sceop eorðan bearnum
heofon to hrofe, haliᵹ scyppend;
þa middanᵹeard moncynnes ƿeard,
ece drihten, æfter teode,
firum foldan, frea ælmihtiᵹ.