Regia Anglorum Activities
Sceaftesige Garrison is the Berkshire & Buckinghamshire sub-group of the international living history organisation Regia Anglorum.  We re-enact forgotten skirmishes and famous battles from the time of the birth of Ænglaland, or England.  But re-creating the lives of our early mediaeval ancestors isn't only about axe-on-shield action, the vast majority of their lives would be spent cooking, sewing, carving and other daily tasks.  As a living history group, many members choose to explore these less glamorous activities and uncover unknown talents.

The majority of Sceaftesige's shows will at some point have two shieldwalls advance towards each other in mortal combat.  Depending on when and where the show is set, this could be Pict against Viking, Welsh against Saxon, Norman against English or any combinations therein.  We portray each side with the utmost accuracy, with authenticity officers ensuring that matériel shown is in keeping with the best historical knowledge.  But our primary concern is safety.  Fielding 150 fully armed men may appear dangerous, but seldom will we accumulate as many injuries as the average Rugby game. 

The combat is unchoreographed and competitive: if we land more blows on them than they do on us, then we will probably win (unless it is a re-enactment of a major well-known battle — it is unlikely that the English will ever win Hastings, for example).