Regia Anglorum Activities
Sceaftesige Garrison is the Berkshire & Buckinghamshire sub-group of the international living history organisation Regia Anglorum.  We re-enact forgotten skirmishes and famous battles from the time of the birth of Ænglaland, or England.  But re-creating the lives of our early mediaeval ancestors isn't only about axe-on-shield action, the vast majority of their lives would be spent cooking, sewing, carving and other daily tasks.  As a living history group, many members choose to explore these less glamorous activities and uncover unknown talents.

Most of Sceaftesige's shows will include a Living History Exhibition (an LHE), which is our chance to show to the public the quieter side of early mediaeval life.  This can include things like woodcarving, quern grinding, wool spinning, lighting fires and making jewelry.  These activities never fail to draw a crowd, sometimes from other re-enactors.

Whilst it is true that few Regia members opt for a life of tilling fields and the other more monotonous tasks of Dark Age existence, these LHEs are a superb way to learn about a great many facts of the lives of our ancestors.  We take authenticity very seriously, with many of us taking the time to produce items of clothing and equipment in the same way as was done in the 10th-century — many of the things we work on in front of the public are the same as we would be working on over weekends.