Regia Anglorum Activities
Sceaftesige Garrison is the Berkshire & Buckinghamshire sub-group of the international living history organisation Regia Anglorum.  We re-enact forgotten skirmishes and famous battles from the time of the birth of Ænglaland, or England.  But re-creating the lives of our early mediaeval ancestors isn't only about axe-on-shield action, the vast majority of their lives would be spent cooking, sewing, carving and other daily tasks.  As a living history group, many members choose to explore these less glamorous activities and uncover unknown talents.

Unique to Regia Anglorum is the Wychurst Project, the building of a 10th-century Anglo-Saxon settlement in Kent.  The land is owned freehold by Regia and once a month members journey down to work on the hall and the buildings which surround it.  Sceaftesige are very involved in this project, the co-ordinator of Wychurst is a member of our group.  Unfortunately, we can't rely on daily slave labour as the 10th-century Thegns could have done, but we can fall back on 21st-century technology and power tools to compensate.  Through this project, many members have learnt new skills completely unrelated to Dark Age re-enactment.

This work goes well rewarded, for throughout the year there are public and private events at the longhall, where we can immerse ourselves in our creation and celebrate as our forefathers would have done in aeons gone by, or re-create a Viking raid on a defenceless Saxon settlement.